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2019 - 20 Black History Performance and Gallery Walk!!!

We have a day packed with fun and excitement!!!! We hope to see you at all events!!!!!
1:30 - From Struggle - Comes Strength Student Step Show
  • Come watch your student "strut their stuff" as they perform magical steps in honor of our Black Greek Organizations
2:30 - Annual Gallery Walk and Taste of Texas
  • Take a journey through time as you view your child's classroom exhibit and project!!!
5:30 - Family History Dinner with Nickelodeon
  • "COME ONE, COME ALL!"  as we sit back relax and enjoy our Special Student Performances and our guest speaker, Dr. Terrence Roberts - one of the original Little Rock Nine Students who made history years ago as the first Black students to integrate the American public school system!!! 
  • Nickelodeon will be here filming various components of our event!!!
  • Dinner will be provided by Gorges Catering